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If you would like to participate in the purchase
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        Dear Friend,

        Buying a home or investment property?

        If you have ever considered getting involved in real estate, NOW is the BEST time to start getting involved!

        I've heard it all before....the market sucks, no one is making money..blah blah blah.. but what they don't know is that when the market is down, savvy investors make a fortune!

        What's the catch? You MUST know how to tell the difference between houses that can bring you a great return on your money, and those that won't unless the price is right.

        If you can determine what is the maximum what you should pay for a particular house and stay under that maximum when you make your offer, you can do very well in real estate, IF YOU CAN GET THE PROPERTY FOR THAT PRICE!

        THAT'S WHERE WE COME IN. We are actively and continually scouring the market for good deals in Savannah and surrounding areas. When we find something worth investigating, and get it under contract, we can pass on the savings that we have negotiated to you! Sometimes, if the price isn't just right for you, make us an offer and see if we can accept it.

        Find 'secret' deals that only Good Price Homes, LLC can offer you!
        Make offers on Good Price Homes that make sense to you!

        We're here to help you!
        Get on the Good Price Homes Beginner Buyer List and begin taking charge of your future!

        Gene Robinson
        Acquisitions Manager
        Good Price Homes, LLC

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