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Hologram of Liberty - The Constitution's Shocking Alliance with Big Government by Kenneth W. Royce, Boston T. Party
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The Constitution That Never Was
How the American People have been CONNED by Lawyers. A Challenge: The book "The Constitution That Never Was," is a laboriously researched, documented and bibliographed work that forces the most devout and learned constitutionists to rethink their understanding of what most patriots revere as the most sacred document to freedom for the American people: The Constitution for the United States of America.

Mr. Boryszewski, a fiercely patriotic and dedicated researcher, is a retired police officer from NY state. Boryszewski presents a compelling argument that challenges our reverence for the Constitution itself and the intent of the men who drafted it. A person must understand both sides of an argument before he can determine with certainty that the truth is indeed accurate.

We have all learned that everything is not as it seems. There is no logical reason to assume that the truths behind the birth of our nation are different than any of the other shocking truths that we have relearned since grade school.

"The Constitution That Never Was" will shock you into reconsidering everything that you have held dear to your heart regarding the Founding Fathers and the birth of the United States. You owe it to yourself to read the documents which challenge your faith. In the end, your previous convictions will either be strengthened or they will be forever altered so as to more accurately reflect the truth.

The American people have been misinformed. The Bill of Rights, not the Constitution, is the Supreme Law of the Land. Prove it to yourself. Examine pages 42-43, 47-49, 70-71, 74-76, 92-97, 108-109, 257 and 270 of "The Constitution That Never Was".

This book is available from for $20.00 postage paid.
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Or you may purchase the book directly from Ralph Boryszewski here. skull and chain bar

The New History of America
An In-depth, Fully Documented Expose into the Facts and History surrounding the Constitution of the United States of America, Treaties, and Acts of those in 'supposed' power, as these events relate to Great Britain and to those effects upon the 'Right of Man' today, Proof that the 'scheme' continues today for the continual Extortion of Taxes for the King of England. Excerpt from page 3: "In 1669 they created "the fundamental Constitutions of Carolina" allegedly written by John Locke who served as secretary to the Proprietors. Locke, in effect, was true to the Crown in this position. A man espoused to freedom? This Constitution provided for a Feudal System. And Locke hated this system? Yea, sure, I bet he did. Tell me another story."
Order the book "A New History of America" by The Informer
by contacting Big Al at
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With respect to the notion that Texas was illegally annexed and still remains a sovereign nation, all states are sovereign nations, joined voluntarily into a federation. I refer you again to "New Views on the Constitution" by John Taylor. He details in several ways the foundations of state sovereignty, including the fact that the treaty with Britain concluding the revolutionary war was made separately with each of the 13 sovereign nations in America.
Chuck Rebert
Amazon has it. Search for it here. "New Views on the Constitution" by John Taylor
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Discipling the Nations by Dennis Woods
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The Revolution MythThe Revolution Myth
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Death and Taxes - the video about the Death of Gordon Kahl

DEATH & TAXES is the story of Gordon Kahl
Death and Taxes - the Mini-Series
There Was A Man - The Saga of Gordon Kahl
More Books on Gordon Kahl
Tons of Information About Gordon Kahl
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The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capitol : The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C. by David Ovason
Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry/Pamphlets by Albert Pike
Magnum Opus or the Great Work : Or the Great Work : The Complete Ritual Work of Scottish Rite Freemasonry by Albert Pike

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What were They For?
The Anti-Federalist
The Anti-Federalists
Anti-Federalist books - Barnes and Noble
Search for Anti-Federalist books -
Search for Anti-Federalist books - Varsity Books
Hologram of Liberty : The Constitution's Shocking Alliance With Big Government by Kenneth W. Royce, Boston T. Party
New Views of the Constitution of the United States by John Taylor

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Represent Yourself in Court :How to Prepare and Try a Winning Case
Art of Cross-Examination
Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases
How to Beat the I.R.S. at Its Own Game : Strategies to Avoid-And Fight-An Audit
Stand Up to the IRS
How to Get Tax Amnesty: A Guide to the Forgiveness of IRS Debt Including Penalties & Interest
41 Ways to Lick the IRS With a Postage Stamp
Asset Protection Secrets
How to Settle With the IRS--For Pennies on the Dollar
Asset Protection Planning : How to Protect Yourself from Lawsuits
Swiss Money Secrets : How You Can Legally Hide Your Money in Switzerland
How to Legally Obtain a Second Citizenship and Passport-And Why You Want to
Offshore Havens
How to Protect Your Money Offshore
1984, by George Orwell
Animal Farm, by George Orwell
Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
The First Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England, Or, a Commentary upon Littleton : Not the Name of the Author Only, but of the Law Itself by Edward Coke
The State of Texas Is a Liar
Great Books Online
Conceived in Liberty by Murray N. Rothbard
Scarlet and the Beast (3 Vol. Set) by John Daniel
Search Amazon and Barnes & Noble for the Book: When They Burned The White House, by Andrew Tully

Vatican Assassins/Wounded in the House of My Friends
by Eric Phelps ISBN 0-9704999-0-6
Wisdom Books, P.O. Box 1567, Tehachapi, Ca 93581 877-280-2866 or
Halcyon United Services, P.O. Box 958, Tehachapi, Ca. 93581 661-823-8886

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