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Calling All Patriots!!!

May we suggest that you work to protect yourself by doing the following:

1. Join with like-minded patriots in the Republic of the united States!
1. Consider joining the Libertarian Party and the LP in your State and in your County!
2. Join us over at No Taxes to help us Anti-Federalize the Federal Reserve. Instead of taxes being used to pay interest to the international bankers, interest should be used to pay all the taxes.
3. Join the Liberty District - USA egroup movement and concentrate on taking back a District of your choice!!!
4. Join the Freedom Constitutions & Liberty Districts egroup and design a Constitution of your choice!!!

Join the Anti-Federalist Independence Movement

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Obey The Constitution - or What? 3/30/07
"The War" by Destiny Orien (Sheila Kirsten Hughes)
"I WILL NOT BE SWAYED" by Ajay Lowery
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Carl Klang
'What Would You Do?' - Paris
Paris Guerrilla Funk
Oscar Jackson, Jr. (Paris) is a hardcore black Muslim rapper, widely shunned by the mainstream for his militant views.
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'What Would You Do?' - Paris
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Stray Cats - I Fought The Law - Live!
Status Quo - I Fought the law
Dead Kennedys - I Fought the Law
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The Exploited - Beat the bastards
Can someone please explain this to me?...
Theory of Ghostplane
Go Tell It On The Mountain
David Rovics
New Songs for Peace
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Poker Face Information
New Song By Willie Nelson - What Ever Happened to Peace On Earth
Bob Dylan - Unplugged
Goin' by the Book - Johnny Cash
Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire
Something's in the Air / But It's Not on the Airwaves
King MoJo - Big Shanty
You Tube - 'Killing Fields' by Big Shanty
Stephen Gordon's Hammer of Truth
1 Trillion Dollar$
A new Kind of Army (Anti-Flag Live)
Moby & Public Enemy - Make Love Fuck War
M19 Protest - Portland, Oregon
Anti-Flag -Got The Numbers-
Anti-Flag - Press Corpse
All You Zombies
The War On Terror (or Whatever Happened to Bin Laden)
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The Three Shoes Posse
The Three Shoes Posse
You Are Being Recruited For The Resistance
Peace - Esther Sparks
Dear Mr. President
Waiting for the Fall
how far is it from here to nuremberg
A Kiss Behind the Barricades
Anarchism in America - Promo - The Documentary Channel
Anarchism in America
Queensryche - Revolution Calling
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Dennis Kyne
Iraq veteran Dennis Kyne: "Ain't Goin' Back Again"
JFK Speech on Secret Societies and Freedom of the Press
Frank Worley Music
Sherman Austin Music
Bands 4 Ron Paul
Craig Stoneman
Peace in PDX
Roger Waters - Reggae - Stand Up for Your Rights
Billy Bragg - All You Fascists
Billy Bragg Live Music Archive Downloads
Billy Bragg - Between The Wars
Billy Bragg - Take Down The Union Jack
Billy Bragg: The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie
English Civil War Live with Billy Bragg
The Clash - English Civil War live
The Clash - Interview with Tom Synder 1981
The Clash - Complete Control
Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros - Redemption Song
Tribute to Joe Strummer
Joe Strummer "Johnny Appleseed"
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Bankrobber
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - I Fought The Law
Green Day-I Fought The Law
I fought the law - the clash
The Big Dirty Band - I Fought the Law
Joe Strummer News Report 2
Levellers - English Civil War
What a Beautiful Day - Levellers
The Clash - "Know Your Rights"
The Clash - Know your rights
SOS by Eliza Jane
All We Are Saying......
The William Wallace Monument
Braveheart (tribute) - The Passion of William Wallace
Braveheart Trailer
Braveheart - Theatrical Trailer
Ballad of William Rodriguez
Ron Paul For The Long Haul
REMIX: "Can't Tase This" UF Student Tasered
Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows
Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows
All You Zombies
All You Zombies
Freedom - Akon

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If YOU believe that the U.S. Constitution is SUPREME LAW of the Land over
each Republic's Declaration of Rights,

If YOU believe that our Declarations of Rights are SUPREME LAW over
any constitution, then YOU ARE AN ANTI-FEDERALIST!

It's time we protect and defend our Declarations of Rights from all enemies,
both foreign and domestic, even if that enemy is the CONstitution itself!

Anti-Federalism guards against those who seek to destroy the Rights that belong to everyone, regardless of race, creed or religion. It also exposes false law and doctrines that harm and deceive others.
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