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"FIRST EDITION - MARCH, 1984" "I WILL NOT BE SWAYED" by Ajay Lowery "I am an outraged sovereign American and I am running for President in 1984." These are the words of a determined, dedicated, God-fearing man who loves his Country and the principles which made America great. He believes that she may be great again. Arthur J. (Ajay) Lowery is a U.S. Navy Veteran of World War II and for the past 12 years, the Publisher of the Justice Times, the National Voice of the Second American Tax Freedom Movement, with subscribers in all fifty states. He is a common man, self-educated, and has never had any political grooming. (I believe that's an asset.) He has never been a congressman or a senator, he has never helped to create double digit inflation, he is not a lawyer or in any position to buy votes or repay political favors. All the narrations which I was privileged to perform on this record made me think of the brave men who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Many of the same conditions that led to that signing have reappeared today and we are losing our freedoms at a terrifying rate. In summary, Ajay Lowery is YOU and ME; fed up with politicians who care nothing for our constitutional form of government. We must put government back in its place; that place is as the servant of US - the People. Listen to this album; every song was written and performed right from the heart of this man who really cares. Abraham Lincoln said, "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men," and Mark Twain said, "In the beginning of a change the Patriot is a scare man - and brave - and hated - and scorned. When he succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot." Ajay Lowery - you will see - is a Patriot personified... who will not be swayed! Dan Hoffman Side One 1. Dialogue - The IRS Has Become a Modern Day Gestopo 1:21 Dan Hoffman / Ajay Lowery 2. Cut The Thievin' Hands Off The IRS 2:30 Ajay Lowery 3. America Arise 2:37 Ajay Lowery © 1981 4. Dialogue - Federal Debt Sky Rocketing 1:23 Dan Hoffman / Ajay Lowery 5. Taxanity 2:48 Ajay Lowery © 1983 6. Just Nineteen 2:47 Dan Hoffman / Ajay Lowery © 1983 Side Two 1. Dialogue - The Supreme Sovereignty of God 1:54 Dan Hoffman / Ajay Lowery 2. US 3:16 Dan Hoffman / Ajay Lowery © 1984 3. Dialogue - Signing the Declaration of Independence 2:17 Dan Hoffman / Ajay Lowery 4. Land of Liberty 3:38 Dan Hoffman / Ajay Lowery © 1980 5. Dialogue - Federal Deficit Spending 1:20 Dan Hoffman / Ajay Lowery 6. Money Game 2:20 Dan Hoffman / Ajay Lowery © 1975 7. The Gore of War 3:09 Dan Hoffman © 1983 Singers: Larry Keith, Lisa Zelenencki, Dick Krim, Vickie Carrico, Debra Black and Dan Hoffman Musicians: Keyboards/Tony Migliore Guitars/Michael Spriggs, Larry Keith Bass/Ronny Hughes Drums/Clyde Brooks Horns/Wayne Jackson, Donnie Sanders All Narrations/ Dan Hoffman All songs published by Ajay Lowery Music/ASCAP Produced by DAN HOFFMAN Arrangements by Dan Hoffman and Larry Keith Mastered by Randy's Roost Engineered by Ronny Light Artwork by Bruce Lakafka Photography by Mitch Karam Recorded at The Reflections For further information write to: Ajay Lowery National Headquarters United Sovereign Party P.O. Box 562 Clinton, Arkansas 72031 Honor and Glory Records © 1982 Ajay Lowery passed away in 1999. Before he passed away, Ajay Lowery gave Gene Karl rights to reproduce copies of this fantastic album in limited quantities to rekindle interest in this magnificient album that helps educate people as to the real problems we have here in America. It is uplifting and a true American gem. You'll be glad you have a copy because the album is presently out of print. Perhaps we can encourage Anita Lowery to produce another edition or find new financial backing for the project. Ajay Lowery's newspaper the "Justice Times" was probably one of the finest newspapers that spurred on the "2nd American Revolution". You may order a copy of this album on CD format ONLINE
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