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Constitutionalists Beware! We have been sworn to
protect the Word of God from ALL ENEMIES both
foreign and domestic!


   Love for America originated with the introduction
of a unique patriot computer bulletin board system
and fax system operating in conjunction with the
American Patriot Fax Network. The files and
information were plenty and education of just what
was happening to our country was absorbed by those
who visited, like water on a dry sponge. With the
advent of the internet, our mission is to keep you
educated on cutting edge techniques you can use to
keep and regain your freedom.

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LOVE FOR AMERICA LIBERTY TREE When the colonists fought the Redcoats for their Independence, they would at times use certain trees as a meeting and posting place to put notices to their fellow countrymen about certain events that were taking place and what everyone must do to keep their country safe. Apparently their system worked rather well. However with Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, Hamilton, Madison and Jay and the printing press, along came a more sophisticated means of communications that swayed the hearts and minds of the American people. So much so that men like Patrick Henry feared that with this new Constitution for the United States of America, the people would be chained once again into slavery, but this time a slavery that is to become known as The New World Order. Whether you agree with Patrick Henry or not, more and more Americans are gradually coming to the conclusion that Patrick Henry may be right. Our goal here is not to sway you one way or another, but to keep you informed so that no matter what you believe, you can work to keep yourself and your family safe. One of our goals is to build an email address database that is used responsibly and sparingly. We post messages to the email list very sparingly in fact, on an average of about 2 messages per month. By being responsible, we can gain your confidence. We can keep you posted. By not sending you tons of email, we promise your contact with us will be a pleasant experience. Let Love for America help you by being one of your most important and trusted Liberty Trees. In this way, when there is a crisis that you need to know about... or if there is a crisis that as many people need to know about as quickly as possible, you will be able to keep informed and take necessary action. Networking with others in your area and across the country is also an option, but only if you want to be posted as a public point of contact. To register, we first ask you to obtain a "web-permanent" email address from one of the web page email address providers such as NetAddress, MailCity, Excite, Hotmail, Angelfire, or others. This way if you change internet service providers, you won't have to change your email address and your email will be waiting for you when you get back. Of course, if you insist on using your regular ISP email address, that will be fine too. To subscribe to our LIBERTY TREE, simply email me by clicking on the icon below and enter SUBSCRIBE in the body or subject line of your message.

Subscribe now so you will be kept informed of exciting events that you need to know about to maintain and regain the freedom in America that we once knew. There is a price for Freedom and Liberty. And that is Vigilance. Organization is part of our struggle. Organization is government. Do you want to govern yourselves or not? And that is Vigilance. Organization is part of our struggle. Organization is government. To govern ourselves, we must organize.

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