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Bird Dogs

Welcome Bird-Dogs!

Bird-Dogs, we are ready to START PAYING YOU IMMEDIATELY for simply delivering property information to us through this web site.  Here's the deal:

If you are or would like to be a bird-dog, we will pay you $500 for every deal you bring that we close on!  This no-questions-asked offer is good for ANYONE willing to do a little leg work.  If you are willing and able to find out a few details about properties in your area, we are in a position to pay you for this information. 

In order to help you help us, here is a quick step-by-step guide to locating potential deals:

  • Step one: Drive through your neighborhood looking for houses with two or more of the following characteristics:
           1)  Landscaping in very bad condition (i.e. 3' tall grass in the yard)
           2)  Appears to be vacant
           3)  Windows/doors boarded up
           4)  Fire damage
           5)  In serious disrepair
           6)  Public notice of condemmed building on door/window
           7)  For sale by owner sign (no agent listed properties)
           8)  For rent sign 
           9)  Old newspapers piled up outside

  • Step two :  Find out the following things about the property:
           1)  Owners name and contact information
           2)  Assessed value (tax assessment)
           3)  Origination date and initial amount of any trust deeds (mortgages) currently against the home (if any)
           4)  Amount and type of other liens or judgements against the home
           5)  Property address

  • Step three:  Fill out the form below with your contact information and the information you collected.

    After we receive the information from you, we will research the property further and contact the owner.  If we are able to work a deal with the owner, we will pay you $500 on the day we close. 

    Please fill out this form as completely as possible.

    E-Mail Address:
    First Name:
    Last Name:

    Is this a residence, multi-family, mult-unit, or
    commercial property (which one, please describe)?:

    Owner's Name:

    Owner's Phone Number:

    Assessed Value:

    First Mortgage Origination Date:

    First Mortgage Initial Amount:

    Street Address:

    City, State:

    Please give any information about the
    property you can (repairs needed).:

    Please list any other outstanding liens or
    judgements against the property.: