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Rather than wasting your time and energy fighting against what is, put your efforts into creating what can be.

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         Our state is heaped in codes, rules and regulations that are in theory only
    applicable to Government Authorities and employees of the State of Ohio. The
    reality of the matter is that these codes, rules and regulations are imposed
    upon the fair people of Ohio by malfeasance and fraud. It is a known given that
    all codes, rules and regulations are pertinent to Government Authorities only!
    In the case of Rodrigues vs. Ray Donovan (US Secretary of Labor) 769 F2d 1344,
    1348 (1985) the court ruled: "All codes, rules and regulations are applicable to
    the government authorities only, not human beings/Creators in accordance with
    God's law." -- Don Jaynes

    The similarities between the Constitution for the united States of America and the TITANIC are UNbelievable. Will the American people jump ship in time? According to Black's Law Dictionary, ratification is confirmation of a voidable act. What's wrong with you people? Brainwashing got you down? Wake up and save yourselves! -- gene karl

    The Federalists stole our freedoms right out from under us while the ink on the Declaration of Independence was still wet. As David Gould explained in "The Series" the democracy in Washington, D.C. has just about run the states into the ground. So, just like in Texas, if anyone wishes to take part in the drafting, and implementation of a new constitution for your Republic, you may want to try joining one of the following eGroups. The Challenge is to write constitutions similar to Texas Constitution 2000, in other words, constitutions without legislative bodies that are inclined to twist true Law and destroy our Liberties. More than one draft for each Republic may occur. This would give others a choice of what to ratify in their own hearts. Perhaps with these new drafts in hand, a new urge for new constitutional conventions would occur in each Republic so that enough people could work together in formulating a constitution that they really would stand together and fight for. In this day and age, perhaps constitutional conventions via the internet are possible. But even individual ratification of newly drafted constitutions in one's own hearts would be a step in the right direction. The USCON in DC has surely not only let the people down, but it is being viewed by more and more each day as a complete and utter fraud. -- gene karl

    I think it is a great idea. I hope it disolves the federal government. At least the District of Columbia. And the federal reserve. And where do we go from there. -- Shamayim

    It would remove them from office and take their false power. If you think there is nothing wrong with the constitution today you need to read David Gould's stuff who started this list to help educate people. The constitution is being adehered to, what yo have today is a result of it and is constitutional government.. It's people's lack of knowledge that keeps them in the bondage the constitution was designed to keep them in. Politicians are doing what the constitution allows them to, its peoples false ideas and beliefs about what they think the constitution is supposed to do or be that perpetuates it. Go read the texas 2000 constitution and see what you think. They're advocating Texas independence and removing federal power not re-writting the US constitution. The declaration of Independence gave us our freedom, the constitution enslaved us again. --Blayne

    You write the final draft when you ratify your own constitution, the one that is acceptable to you and you only. No one has a right to force anyone else's constitution on you. We all have a right to ratify our own constitutions, even if it means there are 230 million of them. The only constitutions of these 230 million that have the full force and effect of being the Supreme Law of the Land are those that enforce the Supreme Law of the Land, meaning the True Law, common to all of us, known as the Common Law. It is this True Law that is the true constitution, and the only lawful constitutions are those that can protect, defend, and implement the True Law. There is plenty wrong with the USCON. It enforces a form of martial law, commercial law, statutory law, (which in reality is the same old Crown law that our forefathers fought against,) upon each of us even without all the extra amendments. It also is in conflict with itself and is self-contradictory. To understand what I am saying here, read "The CONstitution That Never Was" by Ralph Boryszewski. So when we have constitutions that truly enforce the Supreme Law of the Land, we have a lawful constitution. Texas Constitution 2000 http://www.tcrf.com is one of the best constitutions I have ever read. Have you had a chance to read it? -- gene karl ...[W]hen there aren't enough criminals, one "makes" them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted-and you create a nation of law-breakers and then you cash in on the guilt." - Ayn Rand

    And thatís not all! If you have taken an interest in seeing a new Constitution for your Republic drafted, and would like to be a moderator, then you will be given free membership in The Anti-Federalist Society with all the benefits that that entails. Please email me, Gene Karl, at anti-fed@no-debts.com and I will help get you started in this most effective endeavor.

    "Oh, my countrymen! What will our children say, when they read the history struggle, the most invaluable of earthly blessings? As they drag the galling chain, will they not execrate us? If we have any respect for things sacred; any regard to the dearest treasures on earth; if we have one tender sentiment for posterity; if we would not be despised by the whole world - let us in the most open, solemn manner, and with determined fortitude, swear we will die, if we cannot live free men!"

    Josiah Quincy, Jr., 1788 published in the Boston Gazette

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The Documents
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The Arkansas Republic Declaration of Independence
Dave Wilson's Bio
The Republic of Georgia
North Carolina
A Constitution for the Republic of North Carolina, March 20, 2000
A Constitution for the Republic of North Carolina, March 20, 2000 - Formatted

How Texas was 'Admitted' as a State
Texas Constitution 2000
Wesley Burnet Explains Procedure
How to Write a Constitution for a Republic
Texas Constitution 2000 - Convention Background (Procedures Followed)
There are now seven active TCRC
members duly appointed by the TCRF:
Wesley W. Burnett
Robert A. (Bob) Phipps
Keith Potts
Michael S. Deardorff
Thomas Stults
Alex Martinez
Rick Rickard
We met on Feb. 19 in Austin (see
minutes on web site), at which time
we adopted a set of simple by-laws,
elected officers and created three
subcommittees: Finance - Rick Rickard, chairman
Publicity & Advertising - Michael
Deardorff, chairman
County Conventions - Bob Phipps,
Officers are
Wesley W. Burnett, chairman
Bob Phipps, vice chairman
Keith Potts, secretary
In Pursuit of True Liberty by Bob Phipps
Wesley Burnet's Texas Constitution 2000 Speech to the Libertarian Party of Texas
What is the requirement for ratification?
Texas vs. White: the detailed rebuttal by Wesley W. Burnett

Background and concept
Grievances of the People of Texas
Success Criteria
Declaration of the Rights of Texans
The Constitution of The Republic of Texas
Contract for Sovereigns

Home Page for The Texas Constitution
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