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Constitutions That Were Never Ratified by the people

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Ratification - In a broad sense, the confirmation of a previous act
done either by the party himself or by another; as, confirmation of
a voidable act. The affirmance by a person of a prior act which did
not bind him, but which was done or professedly done on his account,
whereby the act, as to some or all persons, is given effect as if
originally authorized by him. Askew v. Joachim Memorial Home, N.D.,
234 N.W.2d 226, 237. The adoption by one, as binding upon himself,
of an act done in such relations that he may claim it as done for
his benefit, although done under such circumstances as would not
bind him except for his subsequent assent. It is equivalent to a
previous authorization and relates back to time when act ratified
was done, except where intervening rights of third persons are
concerned. Voluntary election by person to adopt in some manner as
his own an act which was purportedly done on his behalf by another
person, the effect of ratification, as to some or all persons, is
to treat the act as if originally authorized by him. Rakestraw v.
Rodrigues, 8 Cal.3d 67, 104 Cal.Rptr. 57, 500 P.2d 1401, 1404.
[Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Ed.]

Approval, as by legislatures or conventions, of a constitutional
amendment proposed by two-thirds of both houses of Congress.
Approval by the electorate of a proposed State constitutional
amendment. [Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Ed.]

In the law of principal and agent, the adoption and confirmation
by one person with knowledge of all material facts, of an act or
contract performed or entered into in his behalf by another who
at the time assumed without authority to act as his agent.
Essence of "ratification" by principal of act of agent is
manifestation of mental determination by principal to affirm the
act, and this may be manifested by written word or by spoken
word or by conduct, or may be inferred from known circumstances
and principal's acts in relation thereto. [Black's Law Dictionary,
5th Ed.]

Express ratifications are those made in express and direct terms
of assent. Implied ratifications are such as the law presumes
from the acts of the principal. [Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Ed.]

Ratify. To approve and sanction; to make valid; to confirm; to
give sanction to. [Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Ed.]
Articles of Confederation
Constitution of the United States
Constitution of Delaware; 1776
Constitution of Georgia; February 5, 1777
Constitution of Maryland - November 11, 1776
Constitution of New Hampshire - 1776
Constitution of New Jersey; 1776
The Constitution of New York : April 20, 1777
Constitution of North Carolina : December 18, 1776
Constitution of Pennsylvania - September 28, 1776
Constitution of South Carolina - March 19, 1778
Constitution of Vermont - July 8, 1777
The Constitution of Virginia; June 29, 1776

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But was the United States Constitution really Ratified?
A search for 'constitution convention' on AltaVista only turns up this much:
Hint - It was 'adopted' or put into place by the legislatures of each state,
but it was never ratified by the people.

Constitution of the United States : Article VII:
What ratification shall establish constitution.
The ratification of the conventions of nine states, shall be sufficient for the establishment of this constitution between the states so ratifying the same.

Formation of the Government by Agents of The Crown
THE FOUNDING FATHERS Delegates to the Constitutional Convention
The United States Constitution and Its Background
The Work of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention
Constitution Basics
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
West Virginia Becomes A State
Why the Constitution is Not Legally Valid
Piercing the Corporate Veil
Piercing the Corporate Veil 2

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Entanglements with The Crown

Charter of Georgia : 1732

Constitution of Georgia; February 5, 1777

Articles of Confederation, 1 March 1781

Constitution of the United States

British-American Diplomacy 1782 - 1863

Contract Between the King of France and the Thirteen United States of North America, signed at Versailles July 16, 1782.

Contract between the King of France and the Thirteen United States of North America February 25, 1783

The Paris Peace Treaty between the Crown of Great Britain and the said United States, September 3, 1783

Declarations for Suspension of Arms and Cessation of Hostilities, signed at Versailles January 20, 1783.

Convention between His Most Christian Majesty and the United States of America, for the Purpose of Defining and Establishing the Functions and Privileges of Their Respective Consuls and Vice Consuls, signed at Versailles November 14, 1788

Declaration of the Commissioners under Article 5 of the Jay Treaty, signed at Providence October 25, 1798.

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Other Constitutions

STATE OF DELAWARE CONSTITUTION As Adopted in Convention, June 4th, 1897, with Amendments Made Subsequently thereto through August 1995.
The site of Florida's first state Constitution Convention
Constitution for the Territory of Washington State, November 5, 1878

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