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Declaration of Dependence on God by Citizens of the Republic of Georgia;
Renewing the Covenant, March 20, 2000
Georgia's First Constitution - February 5, 1777 - Was Never Submitted to the people

Here's a little research uncovered by Kelly Wakefield, Hidden suppressed document only available from one source here in America. America's real Independence Day Dec. 22, 1775 King George III severs all relations, contracts, and intercourse with the American Colonies and Declares War on the American Colonials. Kelly says, 'Give credit to one who did not forget and got me started, read "the Revolution Myth" by Gene Fisher & Glen Chambers'. This is suppose to come from "Pickerings annotated" , several hundred years of Crown and Parliment bungling, er, I mean legislation, but I found it on microfilm by someone else I do not remember who. The U. of Texas law librarian looked about 1 hour and could not find it, except in Pickerings, which had been rebound too tight to open to copy. The author:(This is the clincher) is "Great Britian". For your intriguing perusal: The Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Page 1 Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Page 2 Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Page 3 Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Page 4 Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Page 5 Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Page 6 Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Page 7 Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Page 8 Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Page 9 Prohibitory Act - December 22, 1775 Page 10 Memorial to Congress --
Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution be Declared Void
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DULLES, 357 U.S. 116 (1958) - a passport for foreign travel by citizens if a state of national emergency had been declared by the President State of Georgia's Judicial Qualifications Commission Savannah Police Department State of Georgia 2000 Telephone Directory Georgia Legal Materials GEORGIA STATE LODGE FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE Georgia State Fraternal Order of Police State Legislative Index Georgia Department of Labor 888-685-2815, 404-685-2815 Establishment News and Classifieds United Press International Savannahnow ConnectSavannah C-Span Macon Telegraph Creative Loafing Savannah Pennysaver Savannah Community Savannah Classifieds News Directory Georgia News Papers BellSouth Real Yellow Pages South Georgia Online Savannah Help Wanted Daypop - Search 5700 News Sites and Weblogs for Current Events and Breaking News Georgia Libertarian / Election Links The Libertarian Party of Georgia The Libertarian Party of Georgia Christian Libertarians of Georgia The Savannah & Chatham County Libertarian Party Voter Choice Coalition Dale Ritchey for Georgia State House Savannah Area Colleges Savannah College of Art and Design Georgia Maps Georgia Maps Outline Map Sites Georgia

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