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George Washington and the Indian Wars

George Washington: Cousin to the Queen of England

Programs and Papers, prepared and distributed in 1982, by the United States George Washington Bicentennial Commission, contain the following information on Washington’s family name and ancestry:

“For eight hundred years, through successive generations, the name of Washington or de Wessyngton has been known for the valour, chivalry, high code of honour, and military distinction of those who bore it. Knights and noblemen of the Old World and citizens of the New, each in their own turn, through service and achievement have given to it a notable place in history.”

“In the process of evolution this name like many others known to fame, has had many variations from the modem spelling. It is apparently of Saxon origin and is known to have existed in the twelfth century. Early records refer to the village of Warton in Lancashire and of Wessyngton in the Palatine Durham. It was from this latter village that the name of de Wessyngton was derived by the progenitor of the Washington family ... In different sections the name was spoiled in divers ways. Other forms appearing in important records are Weschington, Wassington, and Washington. In the standardized form of the present day this name is widely mentioned in early county records of England and is engraved on timeworn monuments in churches and cathedrals.

“George Washington was great to a great extent because of what his ancestors were before him. His great-grandfather, John Washington, came to these shores about the middle of ‘the seventeenth century and settled in Westmoreland County Virginia on the very plantation where in later years, George Washington was born.

“... No sooner did the head and shoulders of George Washington rise above the great and near great about him than his contemporaries across the sea commenced to ask, ‘Who is this superman who has defied our sovereign and wrested our American possessions from our grasp? From which branch of our Washingtons is he descended?’ So the queries were set afoot, and since that time many genealogists have devoted much study and research to the subject.

“Many years were consumed in searching for the documentary evidence which would establish the English pedigree of John Washington and of his great-grandson who had risen from the ranks to the head of a new nation. Elusive clues were followed without definite results until through the persistent efforts of Henry F. Waters, the connecting links between the American and the English ancestry were eventually discovered. Having established the connecting link, it was then possible to trace the English ancestry of George Washington back, through the rector of Purleigh, to the Sulgrave branch of the family, and on back for seven generations to John Washington, of Tewhitfield, County Lancashire, whose great-grandson, Lawrence Washington of Grays Inn was Mayor of Northampton and grantee, of the Sulgrave estate which remained in the direct family for two generations....

“Robert Washington inherited Sulgrave Manor... Lawrence Washington was next in line. His mother, Margaret Butler Washington, was a daughter of Margaret Sutton, through whom a strain of royal blood descended into the veins of George Washington. Though fitted in every way to serve as a wise and considerate Sovereign had he permitted the people to proclaim him King of the United States of America, he most emphatically declined that honour, preferring to be called the President.”

And now a few words about Washington’s mother, whose maiden name was Mary Ball. She, too, came from a distinguished family. The escutcheon of her family bears upon it a black lion on a silver shield with a crest having a lion rampant, holding a golden ball in his paws. The motto, Coelumque Tueri, means “And Look to Heaven”. The more immediate ancestry of Mary Ball is traced back to Colonel William Ball, who emigrated to Virginia about 1650 and settled in Lancaster County on a plantation called Millenbeck, on the Rappahannock River.”

The Bicentennial Papers pay this tribute to Mary Ball:

“Through his maternal ancestor there came to George Washington the strength of a philosopher and the truthfulness of a Christian: he was taught to love God supremely, his kind tenderly, and to be good and generous to all living creatures. And above all he was always considerate of his mother’s wishes and ever addressed her as ‘Honoured Madam’ thus paying a courtly tribute to her and through her to her distinguished forbears.”An article by George C. Crux, in Destiny Magazine, January 1937, contains the statement: “Over the entrance of the House of Tudor Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire England, hangs the Tudor Coat of Arms, a replica of which was among the Washington heirlooms. In this Coat-of-Arms is to be found both the Stars and Stripes.”

As we have seen, many of the early colonists wanted to crown George Washington King of the Confederation. He declined the Honour. Nevertheless, their readiness to make him a king indicates their recognition of his royal lineage. Some of the Founding Fathers, and many other citizens of that time, had distinctive family heraldry; however, they said little about their background because of their desire to avoid the rise of class consciousness in the New Republic. Yet these facts are extremely important today because they prove beyond the shadow of doubt that the English speaking and kindred people have a common heritage.

The interesting though generally unknown facts which follow are found in The Huguenot Society of Pennsylvania Publication (Vol. XII, p.7). The early colony of Virginia numbered among its prominent leaders at least twenty whose ancestors stemmed from the same royal lines as those of Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, her progenitors gave America some of our most eminent patriots, including the beloved Father of our Country General George Washington. Others among the Queen’s American cousins are a vice-president; three cabinet officers: eight senators; Chief Justice John Marshall; six governors of states including Patrick Henry and General Thomas Nelson, wartime governor of Virginia and a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Meriwether Lewis, the explorer; General ‘Light Horse Harry’ Lee of the revolution, and his still more famous son, General Robert E. Lee; and a veritable host of men and women prominent in, national life.

Nicolas Martiau Descendant Association

Nicolas Martiau (1591-1657), "Father of Yorktown", was a Captain of Militia, Yorke Shire Justice, Burgess, Military Engineer and Planter. He is the earliest Colonial Ancestor of George Washington and Thomas Nelson. The present Queen of England and Robert E. Lee are also descendants.

Virginia Locations of relatives

1663 John Rutherford: land granted Charles City County /border Surry County across from Thomas Felton Plantation. South Side of James River and on the West of Indian Swamp Commonly Called Ohoreek

1765 George Washington was a trustee of Alexandria-Fairfax co. House of Burgess

Mount Vernon: the Potomac River plantation-- Washington's father Augustine had established-1730s. Brother Lawrence held until 1752

1770s and 1780s two of Washington's three younger brothers: Samuel and Charles lived west of the Blue Ridge, a few miles of Bullskin.

Westmoreland County, 40 miles along the Potomac, was the first home of the Washington family in the New World. Washington's half brother Augustine and his younger brother, Jack lived on the bank of Pope's Creek where Washington was born.Up the Potomac, halfway between Westmoreland County and Mount Vernon, was the Chotank area, part of Stafford County until 1776 and then of King George County. In that locality lived a number of Washingtons: brother Sam until 1770, and many distant cousins, some of whom Washington had known from his childhood. Several miles west of Chotank, at Fredericksburg on the south bank of the Rappahannock, was the home of Fielding Lewis, husband of Washington's sister Betty, and before 1780, the home of brother Charles. Across the river from Fredericksburg was the Ferry Farm, where Washington lived as a boy and where his mother, Mary Ball Washington, resided until old age obliged her in 1771 to retire to a house in the town, there to spend the last eighteen years of her life. To the south is the capital of Williamsburg and near it, on the York and Pamunkey rivers, were the principal lands of the Custis family and the homes of their relations, the Dandridges and the Bassetts. Washington was a burgess who settled accounts with merchants.

Washington, George

Common Royal Ancestry of Maite Montes-Bradley and Gen. George Washington
First Generation

Common Royal Ancestry of Maite Montes-Bradley and Gen. George Washington
First Generation

1. Edward III of Windsor , King of England, Earl of Chester and Duke of Aquitaine, KG was born on 13 Nov 1312 in Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England. He died on 21 Jun 1377 in Sheen Palace,Co. Surrey, England, of a stroke. He was buried in Westminster Abbey, London, England.

Edward married Philippa de Hainault on 24 Jan 1327/1328 in York Minster, York, Yorkshire, England. Philippa was born about 1314 in (of) Mons, Hainault, Belgium. She died on 14 Aug 1369 in Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England. She was buried in Westminster Abbey, London, England.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Sir Lionel of Anthwerp , Duke of Clarence, Earl of Ulster, KG + 3 M ii Sir John of Gaunt , 1st Duke of Lancaster, KG

Common Royal Ancestry of Maite Montes-Bradley and Gen. George Washington
Fourteenth Generation

Common Royal Ancestry of Maite Montes-Bradley and Gen. George Washington
Fourteenth Generation

37. Augustine Washington (Mildred Warner , Mildred Reade , George Reade , Mildred Windebank , Frances Dymoke , Anne Tailbois , Elizabeth Gascoigne , Margery (Margaret) Percy , Henry de Percy , Eleanor de Neville , Joan Beaufort , John of Gaunt , Edward III of Windsor ) was born in 1693 in Westmoreland, Virginia, USA. He died on 12 Apr 1743 in King George Co., Virginia, USA.

Augustine married Mary Ball on 6 Mar 1730/1731. Mary was born in 1708 in Lancaster Co., Virginia, USA. She died on 25 Aug 1789 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA.

They had the following child:

39 M i Gen. George Washington , 1st President of the United States of America was born on 22 Feb 1730/1731 in Virginia, USA. He died on 14 Dec 1799 in Mt. Vernon, Virginia, USA. President Washington married Mrs. Martha Dandridge Custis.


Prince Felipe is related to a lot of famous people. If you are related to any of these people then you are also related to Prince Felipe (and the Royal Family of Spain).

King Constantine II of Greece - Uncle
King Harold V of Norway - 3rd Cousins, once removed
King Albert II of Belgium - 3rd Cousins, once removed
Queen Elizabeth II Great Britain - 3rd Cousins, once removed
King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden - 3rd Cousins, twice removed
Grand Duke Jean I of Luxembourg - 4th Cousins, twice removed
Prince Rainier III of Monaco - 10th cousins, once removed

Catherine Oxenburg (TV & Movie Star) - 3rd Cousins
Cary Elwes (Movie Star) - 16th Cousins
Audrey Hepburn (Movie Star) - 17th Cousins, twice removed
Humphrey Bogart (Movie Star) - 18th Cousins, twice removed
Olivia de Havilland (Movie Star) - 19th Cousins, twice removed
Brooke Shields (TV & Movie Star) - 22nd Cousins, once removed
Ralph & Joseph Fiennes (Movie Stars) - 21st Cousins, once removed


George Washington - 12th Cousins, 9 times removed
Calvin Coolidge - 21st Cousins
George Bush - 21st Cousins, once removed

Sarah Ferguson
(former Duchess of York) - 10th Cousins, twice removed
Manfred von Richtofen,
"The Red Baron" - 10th Cousins, 6 times removed
Sophie Rhys-Jones
(Married to Prince Edward of England) - 16th Cousins
Naopleon Bonaparte - 16th Cousins, 9 times removed
William the Conquerer - 25th Great-Grandfather
Charlemagne - 33th Great-Grandfather

Note: The phrase "once removed", "twice removed", "6 times remove" and even "9 times removed" is used above. It refers to individuals who are not direct cousins. For example you may have a first cousin. This would be the child of your aunt or uncle. If your first cousin has child and you have a child these children would be second cousins. But you would be a first cousin, once removed to the child of your first cousin and they would be first cousin, once removed to you. It sounds a little confusing, but it really is not. Usually the amount of times someone is said to be removed from another cousin equates to a generation. A generation is usually about 20 years, but of course can be longer or shorter. The length of a generation is getting longer because now people are marrying and having children at a later age. Also because people have children at different ages Prince Felipe is actually a direct 21st cousin to Calvin Coolidge (although he was born 96 years before Prince Felipe), but a 22nd Cousin once removed to Brooke Shields who is only 3 years older than him.

Anglo-American kinfolk

Sulgrave Manor is the ancestral home in England of George Washington's family.

The Papers of George Washington


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