Burnet Flag

Anti-Federalist Flag Initiative

The Anti-Federalist Society is following the lead of the
Alabama Chapter of the League of the South. We are
serious about state sovereignty -- so serious that we are
encouraging people from all walks of life to think of
their state first.

In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, John C. Calhoun and
Jefferson Davis, The Anti-Federalist Society is calling
on everyone to only display their state flag or the Burnet
Flag or the Bonne Blue Flag.

The federalists will still fly their flags atop post offices,
U.S. courthouses, military bases and other federal
facilities, but there is no reason why it should fly over
your state Capitol and other state government buildings.
Your state is, after all, a sovereign state. Schools,
libraries, restaurants and especially homes also are
appropriate places for making exclusive use of your state
flag, the Burnet Flag or the Bonne Blue Flag. For the last
130 years, the federal government has become a reckless
usurper, defining the limits of its own power despite
the clear intentions of our Founding Fathers. It's time
for the people of the states to reclaim the federal
edifice brick by brick, and one way to begin the process
is by proudly displaying the symbols of our respective

The Anti-Federalist Society proudly supports this
undertaking with absolutely no apologies to federalists
and urges Northerners, Southerners and fellow
Anti-Federalists throughout the world to organize similar
initiatives of their own.

Hawaiians already have forged ahead on this matter.
During the five-day centennial commemoration of the
overthrow of Hawaii's last Queen, Hawaii Governor John
Waihee ordered the U.S. Flag not to be flown over state
buildings. Waihee believed not flying the U.S. flag was
an "appropriate reminder" of Yankeedom's involvement in
the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani -- "a hostile act,
an armed takeover of a legitimate government."

Interestingly, there is a large and growing secessionist
movement in Hawaii. Given Hawaii's tragic history,
that's not surprising.

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