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The Devil's Writ

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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 00:28:29 EST
From: CRAB1234@aol.com
Subject: The Devil's Writ-a rebuttal
To: commonlaw-outgoing@teleport.com

Subj: The U.S. Constitution: The Devil's Writ
Date:   98-12-13 08:58:57 EST
From:   culto@atl.mindspring.com (Simon Jester)
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 00:14:05 -0800
From: John Benneth gian@cyberhighway.net
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To: commonlaw@teleport.com
Subject: The U.S. Constitution: The Devil's Writ
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The U.S. Constitution is the Devil's Writ,  a statutory
instrument that engenders a violent opposition to the rule of

It only presents a legislative "make law" government that has
no legitimate authority that can be presented as real Law.

It is a document of White slavers, a writ of conquest that
conveys no contractual authority to anyone. It fails to educe,
or evoke, a dynamic for the rule of Law, or find-law inquest.

Instead of praising the Devils Writ, human rights activists
ought to be talking about how it is that we can establish and
maintain justice through a new common law judicature.

The Devil's Writ is the maker of wars. Did it stop the carnage
of the Civil War? How does it legally bind anyone to it?  The
Earth's most powerful country, and the world that follows, are
in disarray and turmoil.

Blood runs in the street, not in spite of this 18th century
document of tyranny, but because of it. It encourages a wicked
system of adversarial law that does nothing but enrich its
operators, who are the workers of tournaments, the conduictors
of barratry and the exploiters of champerty.

They are commonly called attorneys.

These championing lawyers set man against man, man against
state. There is nothing in it that prevents tyranny, and
history to this day is proof with more Blacks, Women  and
others in jail than anywhere else in the world.

It is all the work of this terrible writ.

The U.S. Constitution did nothing to prevent abject racial
slavery for the better part of a century. Despite explicit
enjoinders against paper money fictions, the U.S. Constitution
has failed to preserve its most important feature, a
bi-metallic monetary system. Despite restrictions against
hereditary distinctions, and titles of nobility, they abound
to this day as privileges of discrimination for its officers
in courts of law.

The U.S. Constitution puts law in the hands of mercernaries,
it taxes for justice by extortion and conducts justice for

The world will soon combine against America in a terrible war
because of the  iniquities spewed from this scrap of 18th
century ego mania. Who other than the class of White men who
wrote it over 200 years ago champion it now? Do we hear Blacks,
Orientals or Amerindians extolling its virtues? No! Certainly
there are exceptions to prove the rule, but it is most often a
White man begging for it to be the word of God,canonizing the
founders as if they were saints, rather than the naked abusers
of human rights tha they really are.

Witness the fact that Lord Cornwallis was forced to hand over
to the slaver George Washington 5,000 Blacks who had sought the
protection of the Crown at Yorktown before it fell. The
surrender of Yorktown would have neve happened had it not been
for the help of the French Navy. The War of Independence was
fought by the British for Justice and Mankind, and lost by
them to the most unimaginable hypocrites.

What happened to those 5,000 men, women and children? Where
were all these special human rights cherished in the Bill of
Rights for them then? The Bill of Rights is a sham, because
the architects of this horror were not practitioners of human
rights, had no concept of, or conscience for human rights, and
to this day the Constitution fails to protect anyone, Black or
White, from a criminal inquisition by its mercernaries.

The Bill of Rights for Mankind has no standing in the very
courts it sets up. One Article contradicts another. Who
interpets these contradictions? Who are the real "We the
People" of the Constitution, other that the for-hire judges
named by the Constitution itself?

It claims to guarantee a republican form of government, but
the government of America is popularly addressed not as a
republic, but as a democracy, a word nowhere found in any of
the 51 odd constitutions of the states.

What is democracy but a totalitarian government of majority
rule by a small electorate casting unaccountable secret
ballots? One has to be schizophrenic to believe this is a
document of law or reason, and behold, look at the mass
schizophrenia of America in Her final episode.

Beware of anyone who holds the U.S. Constitution up as a basis
for the Rule of Law, for if he is not a White man, he's the
running dog of a White man, and he seeks to insidiously extend
the domination of codeified martial White man rule.

Can anyone as a proponent of this scrap answer these charges
with reason? Who dares?

But take heart. There is another form of Law, superior Law, a
dynamic of reason, waiting patiently in the wings for the time
when the adversarial process evoked by constitutions has
completely destroyed itself and the peace of the world. It is
the Law of LAY INQUEST, and this is the true rule of Law, the
lex non scripta, the lex terrae, the law of the land, the
common Law, the Law of the lay authority.

Like grand Juries, it is the terror of criminals and the bane
of attorneys.  It is heard unanimously from the mouths of
investigating judges, selected at random, by lot, from the
community by an en banc, organic assoication ruling apart from
legislatures to find the truth and facts of each case, and
render thereon disposition at the  pleasure of these common ad
hoc judges.

Ruat coelum, iustitia fiat; though heaven may fall, let
Justice be done!


From: Simon Jester culto@atl.mindspring.com
Subject: ComLaw The Devil's Writ
Bob send this out to the Comlaw list so we can have some
discusion on it.
At 09:57 PM 12/13/98 EST, you wrote:
Hal, I wonder if a 00? agent is involved here.
∑In 1772 England abolished slavery.
∑ In 1774 the Continental Congress petitioned for the
abolition of slavery in the colonies. Obviosly, the colonies
were not part of England.
∑ Lord Dartmouth and the powers in England decided slavery
served two purposes in the colonies-it was good for the economy
of England; and if rebellion should occur, the slaves would be
on Englandís side.
∑ Some of the colonists felt they were being treated as slaves.
∑ In 1776, the People through the united States of America in
Congress Assembled declared  the independence of the separated
several States, announcing this in all the United States,  said
all men were created equal, and proposed both the formation of
a government to secure these Rights and the confederation of
the colonies.  The Declaration of Independence is the Law of
the United States.
∑ In 1777, the colonial corporate governments confederated
their de facto States as the United States of America, allowing
the United States very little power over them, and made
references to free and white.  This is where slavery existed.
∑ In 1783, the crown of England acknowledged the independence
of the United States and made a treaty with the United States
of America. The crown of England also claimed France with which
it also made a treaty. The USA was a contested de facto
government under war powers just as was France.
∑ In 1789, the Constitution of the United States was proposed
to the United States of America.  The debates during the
convention clearly show that slavery was not favored.  After
the adoption and actual incorporation of the Constitution,
certain things, not all things, were then controlled by the
United States in certain jurisdictions under a de jure
Government of the independent United States over the corporate
de facto government of the United States of America.  The
United States presents itself to other nations' civil
jurisdictions as a corporate body politic known as the United
States of America.
∑ The power to tax is the power to destroy; the capitation tax
on slaves and the ability to regulate commerce in and between
the states, i.e. among the several States, would provide for
the destruction of slavery.
∑ Lincoln could only abolish slavery behind enemy lines of the
rebellious civil States.
∑ Today, the commerce war of negotiable instruments has
relegated the confederation of the colonies known as the
United States of America to mere states under the war power
of the United States.  The United States controls a
number of territories one of which includes the state of
Georgia under the State of Georgia as successor to the
conquered crown of England as part of a territory.
∑ The several State of Georgia known as Georgia, where all men
are created equal with Creator endowed unalienable Rights, as
part of the United States is independent of treaties.
∑ The Constitution of the United States is being used against
the United States by those demagogues of the States who should
be thrown into the ocean and by the State and state
constitutions which should have been burned, as stated by the
∑ I, a member of the posterity of the will of We the People,
am not a party under the Constitution.  The Constitution of
the United States was for the United States of America, that
civil entity of confederation of the successor States to the
conquered crown colonies.   Our ingnorance and fear are the
problem.  Allowing the attorning of the Constitution is the

In The Federalist Papers, No. 47, James Madison labels that arrangement thusly: "The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether on one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny."

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