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Some books that today's Confederate's recommend that you read include:
"A Constitutional View of the War Between the States" by Alexander Stephens
"The South Was Right"
"Why Not Freedom"
"Southern By The Grace Of God" by Michael Andrew Grissom
"The Last Rebel Yell" by Michael Andrew Grissom
"When the South was Southern" by Michael Andrew Grissom

The Southern Party of Georgia
The Southern Party of Georgia
The Southern Party of North Carolina
The Southern Party of Virginia
The Alliance of Southern Parties
Dixie Net: The League of the South Website
Southern Life
Behold Newsletter
The New England Confederation
The Southern League of Florida
CSAnet Central
The Southern Traditionalist
The Southern Traditionalist
The Seventh Seal
Great War of the Confederacy
Texas Division - Sons of Confederate Veterans
Battle Flags of the Confederacy
Southern Mart Online Gift Catalog
South Carolina League of the South
Webring - Ring of Rebels
John's CSA Home Page
Georgia League of the South's Online Newsletter
Georgia's League of the South
The Confederate Alliance
The Confederate Site of America
Redneck Gaijin Online
Dixie Rising
Sons of Confederate Veterans, Georgia Division
The Seaboard Guards
Confederate Bookstore
Ruffin Flag Company
American Citizens Concerns
America's Caesar - Abraham Lincoln and the Birth of a Modern Empire
Keep It Flying For The Children
Aw, Shucks
Confederate Anti-Federalist Society
Confederate Anti-Federalist Society

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