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Power and Voltage Voltage:  A.C 220V/50 Hz or 110V/60Hz
Power Consumption Less than 120W when working. Less than 4W when idle.
Body Dimensions 170 x 98 x 291 mm
(L x W x H)
Weight 3.0 kg empty
(3.5 kg with water)
Maximum operating temperature 60 degrees Celsius / 140 degrees Fahrenheit 
Applicable water pressure  0.7~3.5Kg/cm2
pH range: 
pH levels:
3 alkaline and 1 acidic levels
ORP alkaline:0Mv~-300mV, acidic: 0mV ~+300mV
Temperature protection device Temperature activated auto-shut off.
Electrolysis Water Flow Rate (Flux) 3.0 liters per minute
Electrode Material titanium coated with platinum
Electrode Quantity 3 plates
Electrode Sizes 351 cm squared
electrolysis mode continuous electrolysis
Electrolysis Strength
4 levels total:
3 Alkaline
1 Acidic

Cleaning Auto reverse cleaning every 15 min of continuous use.  Cleaning at start up and shut off.
Water Purifying Device Filter silver activated carbon
Filter Capacity 6000 Liters
Filter Life 10-12 months at 20 liters or 5 gallons filtered water per day.
Filter Replacement
Warning for refined filter element. Replacement Indicator on device.

Alkaline Level 3 Making coffee and tea, Cooking food, Direct Drinking. For making coffee excellent taste and texture.
Enhances tea by eliminating the acerbity while enhancing the tea's pure fragrance.
Benefits in cooking by preserving the foods original taste and decreasing the salt content within the food.
Alkaline Level 2 Drinking Water, Rinsing food, cooking water, etc. Use to rinse food to prevent loss of vitamins while preserving original taste.
Alkaline Level 1 Drinking water in early stages. Beneficial to introduce your body to the benefits of Alkaline water slowly by starting at a low Alkaline level and working your way up to a higher alkaline level.
Purified Water Medicine taking, use in formula such as powdered milk, etc. Highly refined filtration eliminates hazardous substances and impurities in your water.  The unit features a compartment for adding additional (optional) micro-filter elements (food additives, vitamins, etc).The water will also flow through this compartment when activated to enhance your water with the microelements.  It is good for taking your medicine or vitamins daily in your drinking water.
Acidic Water  DO NOT DRINK, acidic water use for facial wash and shower, for house hold sterilization and disinfection. This moderate acid water works as an astringent lotion and can be used on your skin especially in sensitive parts such as the face.  It benefits your skin by removing dirt, grease, and dead skin cells. The benefits of its use make the skin tender and smooth which is beneficial for makeup application. You can use this water over your whole body to increase your skins softness and smoothness. It is great to rinse your fruits and vegetables by naturally removing pesticides and other chemicals.  It also naturally kills bacteria and viruses, good for use to sterilize and clean surfaces.

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Microbiologist Ionized Water Blood Sample Examination -- Part one

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