The Original Spark of the 'American' Revolution

It's not what you've been told.
Revolt against a Tax on Tea? Baloney!!!
Revolt against Taxation without Representation?
That's cockamamy Masonic Banksterism Bull Crap designed to deceive you.
Our Real Forefathers were in the Process of
Eliminating ALL TAXATION..

Welcome to the Return of Real Patriotic Revolution
Welcome to the Return of The Commonwealth

Eric WhoRU Williams' Proposed 28th Amendment to the U.S.CONstitution
that will Eliminate All Taxation

Liberty Business News
and the
Rebels of 1776

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Instead of taxes being used to pay interest to the international bankers, interest should be used to pay all the taxes.

Benjamin Franklin knew this when he printed colonial scrip for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

That's what a real American Commonwealth was. We had four of them. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia and Kentucky. They had taxes back then, but the Commonwealths were on their way to eliminating all of them. The colonial scrip was good sound currency because the scrip was actually backed up by property. When the English Parliament outlawed the colonial scrip, the American reaction was the spark that lit the fuse to the American insurrection of 1776.

But it wasn't so much that the crown wasn't getting their money, it was the fact that the international bankers weren't getting theirs. That's why the bankers sent the Hessian soldiers over here to help the British crown crush the insurrection.

Then the founding scoundrels, the Masonic Lodge members and other international banker's men destroyed the Commonwealths when they wrote the U.S. CONstitution. It prohibited the states from emitting bills of credit. It has been debt and taxation ever since.

It's now 2009.
And along comes a man...

A Man More Highly Esteemed
by Many in the Freedom Movement
than Tom Paine himself,
A Man Who Many Consider to be our New Tom Paine.
A man who has developed on his own,
using his own unCommon Sense,
a plan to eliminate all taxation
without even studying the attempts
of our former Commonwealths.
It's a proposed 28th Amendment to the U.S.CON.
And that man who has lead our call to action...
is none other than the incomparable...
Mr. Eric WhoRU.
It's time to bring control of the money system back to the people. A money system that will eliminate all taxation with changes to the mortgage system so that mortgage payments are not front end interest loaded. A mortgage system that is simple interest, not compound interest. A way to enable the average homeowner to pay off their house in 8 to 10 years. It is interesting to note that no one that I have ever known, including myself, knew what the Commonwealths were all about until we started digging into Eric's ideas.

It's time for

True Freedom Begins With Monetary Sovereignty

A people cannot truly be free, as long as they are required to pay taxes.

As it stands now, the private owners of the Federal Reserve create the money of the United States by lending it out, at interest, which interest they then keep for themselves instead of using that interest to fund all four levels of government, which would allow the total elimination of all taxation in the entire Federation.

The day we take control of our monetary system from the private ownership of the private international banksters, will be the day that we can honestly claim that we are truly free.

Introducing....The one and only Eric WhoRU...

aka Mr. Eric Williams
Eric's ideas are as original, legitimate and just as real as the 'American Revolution'.

Greetings to all those who love Liberty!

Is this a true statement?:

If you don’t have the authority to do it to me and I don’t have the authority to do it to you, then the government doesn’t have the authority to do it to us.

Eric WhoRU

Makes sense, doesn't it?

The most recurrent reason for failure to reach satisfactory solutions to our basic political problems is the failure to examine the problem and its solution on sound basic principles. In examining this simple solution to the problems with the income tax and our money system, we must first lay out a few basic fundamental axioms, principles which ought to be self evident but which apparently, are not:

1. Governments do not exist in nature; (We are natural creatures of nature.)

2. No person has any natural authority to bind any other or tell anybody else what to do;

3. Governments are artificial entities created by humans; (We are not created by the artificial entity government.)

4. Governments can have no more authority than their human creators; (So how can it reasonably be that the government has any authority over us?)

5. Taxation is a euphemism for armed robbery;

6. Those governed by means of taxation cannot possibly be free;

7. A government funded by means of taxation is a slave state;

8. A people cannot claim to be a free people, and teach their children that they are free, when the government that they created to protect their freedom funds itself by pointing its guns at them.

All eight axioms do indeed apply to the United States. Axiom eight - slightly rephrased: "How can we claim to be a free people and teach our children that they are free when the government that we created to protect our freedom funds itself by pointing its guns at us?"

"The reason we are in this mess is because in the past we have failed to take the time to create a basic foundation for the government we have created to govern and protect us."

That is why you are once more encouraged to re-read and remember and apply all eight of the axioms that you read herein above.

The solution presented below:

1. will not require the elimination, or even the reduction, in any existing government programs: - Social Security - Medicare - Medicaid - Aid to Dependent Children - other government funded programs.

All will remain in place, fully funded.

2. nor will this solution require you to pay out any additional money to fund the government.

3. nor is this solution taxation by another name.

All of the economic problems we encounter in the United States are a direct result of the fact that the central bank of the United States is privately owned. The economic boom and bust cycles, all foreclosures, inflation of the money supply, rising prices - and whatever else you want to address - add it on to the list! But no matter what you add on, the cause originates in the private ownership of the Federal Reserve, not in the basic nature of the central bank.

The Solution in a Nut Shell: All we need to do to fix the problem is to have the ownership of the Federal Reserve taken over by the PEOPLE, while keeping the operation as distant from Congress as it currently is under private ownership. A Board of Governors of the central banking system, now owned by the People will remain in place, but doing it for the People of the United States instead of for the Fed's current private owners!!

The reason private ownership is the cause of the problems is simply because under private ownership, all of the interest collected on loans goes to the private owners of the Fed. Under the solution presented here, the interest will, instead, be credited to the Treasury of the United States government, to be used instead of taxation (armed robbery) to pay for all of the government programs currently funded by means of armed robbery.


I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a moneyed aristocracy that has set the Government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
Thomas Jefferson -- The Debate Over The Recharter Of The Bank Bill, (1809)

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.
Thomas Jefferson

The system of banking [is] a blot left in all our Constitutions, which, if not covered, will end in their destruction... I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity ... is but swindling futurity on a large scale.
Thomas Jefferson

"In order to be able to meet a general combination of the banks against us in a critical emergency, could we not make a beginning towards an independent use of our own money, towards holding our own bank in all the deposits where it is received, and letting the treasurer give his draft or note for payment at any particular place, which, in a well-conducted government, ought to have as much credit as any private draft or bank note or bill, and would give us the same facilities which we derive from the banks?" --Thomas Jefferson to Albert Gallatin, 1803. ME 10:439

What is proposed here, in accordance with the eight basic axioms set forth above, is to totally eliminate all taxation at every level of government in the entire United States. That is correct - no city, county or state sales taxes, property taxes, fuel (gasoline) taxes - that is NO TAXES of any nature whatever!!

It is obviously imperative that we have government, but if we are to call ourselves a free people and teach our children that they are free, the method of funding must not be through taxation as "taxation" is nothing but a euphemism for armed robbery. Therefore, the means by which we fund our government must be voluntary means!

In order to have a free flowing economy, a readily accessible money system must be utilized, people who borrow money expect to pay interest. Interest is the only voluntary source of revenue that anyone has been able to devise. Is it not, therefore, most reasonable that the interest voluntarily paid on such borrowed money should go to the Federal Treasury, to fund the Peoples government?? And it is most imperative that we do not allow the U.S. Congress or the President to have control over, or access to, the Peoples central bank!!

If you don’t have the authority to do it to me and I don’t have the authority to do it to you, then the government doesn’t have the authority to do it to us.

Remember – Coercion Does Not Equal Freedom!! --- Eric WhoRU

In the Video below, Eric sets forth a realistic Solution to funding government by using the interest collected on loans to private sector borrowers. This Solution not only eliminates all taxation, it also eliminates the boom and bust cycles and profit taking foreclosures that are inherent with the private ownership of the Federal Reserve. If you favor the elimination of all taxes, watch this video immediately, and tell 3 friends you watch it. Put Eric's link in your emails. Put Eric's video on your website and tell all your visitors about it..

On This 11 Minute Video, Eric Examines The Substantial Benefits Possible When Paper Is Used as Money and examine the substantial economic pitfalls inherent in a monetary system where gold is used as money.

To review all of Eric's articles go to his Yahoo group, Click below:

Eric's Solutions Video on DVD

You may get copies of Eric's 70-Minute Solutions Video on DVD to help spread the message of how we can end all taxation at all four levels of government in the United States and fund the government instead, with interest received on Central Bank loans to private sector borrowers. Get copies of Eric's DVD, make additional copies yourself and give them to your state legislators, friends, co-workers, etc.

To receive copies of Eric's Solution Video on DVD, please send $7 for five copies, or $14 for ten copies, to:

Eric Whoru
PO Box 413
Yellville, AR 72687

As Eric does not bank, please send cash only. Please do not send checks or money orders.
Eric's email address:

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The Most Important Environmental Video You'll Ever See - more reasons why we must return to Anti-Federalism, eliminate all taxation with a Commonwealth type money system and think for ourselves.

Bill Still produced this version of his video 'The Secret of Oz' recently, this is now August, 2010. I am very encouraged that the video will help move us towards a monetary system that is not controlled by the private bankers, however, I do disagree with Bill's solution which is to have the government issue its own currency by spending it into circulation. I agree with Eric Williams. The best way is to have the government loan the currency into circulation so that the interest collected on the loans can be used to fund the operation of the government instead of using taxation as a means to that end. In Bill's 'The Secret of Oz', Ellen Brown comes closest to expressing the best solution in the little time she is given in Bill's video. At least Bill does give some credence to Ellen's views by including her in the video. If Eric Williams were in the video, and given ample time to explain his solution, 'The Secret of Oz' would have been an all time winner in anti-federalist fan fare. Enjoy the video. ~~ gene karl

The Secret of Oz

Before Mr. Still's video, there was the book: 'The Five Secrets From Oz'

The Five Secrets From Oz Introduction

Ellen Brown on Public Banking: Making Money Work for People

Web of Debt - Ellen Brown - 1 of 5

Web of Debt author Ellen Brown discusses the Bank of North Dakota and explains how nations can safeguard against an IMF takeover.

Ellen Brown 25 March 2009


Web of

Web of Debt eBook - KINDLE Fourth edition (March 2010) Price $9.95

The House of Rothschild - Money's prophets FULL VERY IMPORTANT!!

The Illuminati The Missing Documentaries Links Satanic 2012 new world order ! part 1 of 2

The Illuminati The Missing Documentaries Links LUCIFER 2012 part 2 of 2 New World Order

The Rockefellers (Full)

Corbett Report

Corbett Report Ellen Brown on Finance Capital vs Public Banking

Corbett Report Ellen Brown Interview 202

The Monetary Reform Party of the UK

Prosperity U.K.

Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform EST. 1986

In the Spirit of the Forum for Stable Currencies

The Public Banking Institute started by Ellen Brown, Congratulations!

Whose Money? Paying the cost of your own slavery

Democrats for Social Credit

An Evolution in Banking

Public Banking - A Tool for Fixing the Economy and the Means to Achieve It

High Transparency Banking

Press TV /On the edge with Max Keiser /11/ 06/ 2009

Ellen Brown - Cali Bank Video Presentation_Part 5.00

Web of Debt - An Interview with Dr. Ellen Brown

We Are The Many - Makana

"We Are The Many" Makana Live Kaua'i 11.17.11

Eustace Mullins' Last Interview

If we establish a Commonwealth, can't we go back to using the Simple Interest formula instead of using the Compound Interest formula? Wouldn't that be a more honest way of calculating interest? Also, wouldn't that be a way to not only provide legal and constitutional pressure against the international bankers from dominating the economy again because it would provide a another tremendous competitive advantage of the operation of the Commonwealths vs. the bankers? ~~ gene karl

"We would have gladly borne the little tax on tea and other matters, had it not been that they took from us our money, which created great unemployment and dissatisfaction. Within a year, the poor houses were filled. The hungry and homeless walked the streets everywhere." ~~ Ben Franklin
Right Mr. Franklin, so then why did you do it too when you helped write the U.S.CONstitution which prohibited the states from emitting bills of credit? ~~ gene karl

Coin and Currency Collections in the Department of Special Collections University of Notre Dame Libraries

Tenth Amendment Center

Georgian Sovereignty

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Want to know if Eric's stuff works? How about this?
I didn't do this the way Eric would have, but his information really works!

On August 31, 2009, I was on my way to work on my motorcyle on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I pulled up to a red light and noticed that a black unmarked police car had its blue lights flashing behind me. When the light turned green we pulled over to the side of the road. The officer was in a black uniform. He was a young black police officer relatively friendly I must add, but he said he clocked me speeding going 80 in a 45 MPH speed limit. I said, 'Can you give me a break?' He said, 'You said the wrong thing.' He asked for driver's license, registration and insurance which I gave to him after digging around for it because I kept the registration and insurance in the motorcycle compartment. Then as he started to head back to his car I said, something to the effect, 'Well you don't have any jurisdiction over me anyway. I never opted in to your jurisdiction. The 14th Amendment says citizens are people that are born here, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, not just born here. And the 13th Amendment says that involuntary servitude shall not exist, and citizenship is nothing but servitude and I never opted in to be one. I never opted in to your jurisdiction. The officer went and sat in his police car. When he came out he handed me the ticket which was just a warning. He said, 'I am just going to give you a warning this time, but if I ever catch you going that fast here again I'm going to write you every ticket in the book.' When I said thank you and tried to shake his hand, he said, 'I can't shake your hand now, now let's get off the side of the road.'

I basically used an 'in court' strategy because I do have a driver's license, registration and insurance, but I still never voluntarily opted in to their jurisdiction. Jurisdiction-wise, everything they do is done by fraud, deception, threat, duress and coercion. All I know is after being told I was clocked doing 80 in a 45 MPH speed zone, I was handed a Warning instead of a Traffic citation. If that doesn't surprize you, I don't know what will. It sure surprizes the heck out of me and I marvel at it everytime I think about it. I think that people don't really realize why they do things sometimes, and then they try to explain things away because of job pressures, 'line of duty' and other b.s., so even though now the officer may or may not admit that what I told him made an awful lot of sense, I believe it really did when I told it to him and it had alot to do with him issuing me a warning instead of a traffic citation.

No Taxes Bumperstickers are now available.

Click Here for NO TAXES NOW.ORG Bumpersticker

Could it be?
Could it be that the 'Boston Tea Party'
was a Masonic International Banker's Ploy,
Masons masquerading as Patriots,
a 'false-flag' operation
to rewrite early American History
while the Crown and the international bankers through their Hessian soldier mercenaries
killed our Real Patriot Commonwealth Forefathers
and dismantled our 4 People's Bank Commonwealths,
and our colonial scrip money system,
while Mason George Washington kept our troops
preoccupied and away from the centers of action?
Research Washington's battles, how he only won 2 or 3 out of 9 or so
where they took place and how there is no record of him anywhere
defending the four Commonwealths from being taken over.
Is it any wonder why they don't teach you the truth in school?
Is it any wonder that the U.S.CONstitution prohibited the states from emitting bills of credit?
Is it any wonder that Washington, D.C. is full of Masonic symbolism?
-- gene karl


Now for some Good News!! I've found a great website platform for us to network together on.. The Freedom Activist Network. You might want to check this out... it's really good. Click here for the link to our new webpage for Eric WhoRU supporters who want to network together to promote Eric's Economic Solution. Enjoy!

This can't be the Pyramid of Capitalism because this system
doesn't allow the majority of people to even save enough money
to have any capital to begin with.

Guilty as Charged

For Borrowing Money on the credit of the United States,
For Raising and Supporting Armies and
Appropriating Money to that Use for a longer Term than two Years,
For Killing his own People who simply wanted Freedom from Taxation (Shay's Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion)

For Prohibiting the States from Emitting Bills of Credit

For Destroying the Commonwealths

For Constitutional Fraud and Deceit

For Taking More than their Share of Joint Tenancy in the Sovereignty

Guilty as Charged

The County Grand Jury get signed up!


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Being abused?
Look up the 'Stripping Doctrine'.

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