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Struggling in isolation is very painful. The knowledge that other peoples are going through similar experiences and that there are people throughout the world who know about your plight and who care, is of immeasurable importance.

FINE Moral Support Groups provide this MORAL support. You can become a member of a FINE Moral Support Group through the special FINE Moral Support Groups eGroup which is open to the public. FINE will keep the FINE Moral Support Groups informed of the situation of nations and peoples throughout the world through the special FINE Moral Support Groups eGroup. FINE Moral Support Groups also develop activities in support of everyone's God-Given Rights and the aims of FINE Members.

FINE Moral Support Groups, is separate from Free Independent Nations of Earth, and is simply a group of people that provide moral and organizational support to Free Independent Nations of Earth.

FINE Moral Support Groups is an informal group of people created to support the aims and aspirations of Free Independent Nations of Earth and its members and observer nations and peoples.

FINE Moral Support Groups gives individuals as well as organizations the opportunity to become involved in helping oppressed peoples, occupied nations, minorities and indigenous peoples to help themselves through the worldwide organization they have created.

F.I.N.E. is not only an organization for unrepresented peoples. It is a True Republic organization respecting the God-given Rights of unrepresented peoples. F.I.N.E. believes in giving people a voice, but does not believe in using a democracy to trample the Rights of others. By replacing the UNPO, F.I.N.E. is moving into place to assist over 100 million persons.

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