Free Independent Nations
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If we could replace the United Nations... would that be just F.I.N.E. with you?

Free Independent Nations of Earth

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Dear Mr. President, Ambassador, or other Representative:

Free Independent Nations of Earth (F.I.N.E.) is an international organization created by Freedom-loving nations and peoples around the world, who are not represented as such in the world´s principal international organizations, such as the United Nations.

Founded on August 1, 2000, to replace both the United Nations and the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation), and all of their associated power structures, and associated costs in many terms such as money, lives, and Freedom, Free Independent Nations of Earth offers an international forum for occupied nations, indigenous peoples, minorities, and even oppressed majorities who currently struggle to regain their lost countries, preserve their cultural identities, protect all of their God-Given Rights and economic Rights and safeguard their homelands.

FINE is completely different from the United Nations. The U.N. was born with plans for it to become a One World Government, and its goals include a One World Army, minding other Nations' business that really shouldn't concern them, deprivation of God-given Rights in exchange for enforcement of governmental privileges (so-called 'human rights'), and United Nations/NATO intervention by force all around the world. Instead, FINE fights for national (and individual) sovereignty, and its only means to encourage member nations to behave Lawfully is the threat of expelling them from the organization. Every nation does what they think best, but as a more peaceful means of seeking redress of grievances and fighting for God-given Rights, other than war, FINE can expel wrongful governments from the organization, expose their wrong doing, and promote a trade boycott against them. Moreover, FINE will promote for members the individual Right not to pay unjust taxes, the individual Right to keep and bare arms and the individual Right to free speech, as well as all of their God-given Rights.


FINE does not represent the people; it assists and empowers them to represent themselves more effectively. To this end, FINE provides much needed professional services, education and training in the fields of diplomacy, international and God-given Rights Law, true Republic processes and institution building, Common Law education, Libertarian education, conflict management and resolution and environmental protection. Assistance by FINE enhances activities by indigenous and other unrepresented free and independent nations of Earth. Hence, the name, Free Independent Nations of Earth.

The main thrust of FINE is The F.I.N.E. Treaty - A Compact of God-given Rights. The F.I.N.E. Treaty is a much better treaty than the Covenant offered by the U.N.P.O. (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation).

By encouraging governments around the world to make this one basic change in their legal systems, major tyrannies and imperialist nations around the world should begin to feel surrounded. Hopefully, they will come out with their hands up.

FINE Member Nations are nations whose representatives have applied for and have been accepted into membership of FINE and whose representatives have signed The F.I.N.E. Treaty.


Many groups turn to violence out of frustration at the refusal or inability of the international community or particular governments to listen, let alone respond, to their concerns. By demonstrating the effectiveness of non-violent strategies and actions, FINE members hope that their organization may succeed in reducing the use of violence throughout the world.


The costs of running an organization such as FINE can be very high, and the founding members do not have the means to support it on their own. Although the International Secretariat staff is all-volunteer, operating costs are still considerable. Members, private foundations and individuals are welcome to finance its activities. In the long run only a solid base of individual FINE FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS (FFS) can assure FINE's continued existence and support for the needs and interests of the free and independent nations of Earth.


Struggling in isolation is very painful. The knowledge that other peoples are going through similar experiences and that there are people throughout the world who know about your plight and who care, is of immeasurable importance.

FINE MORAL SUPPORT GROUPS (FMSG) provide this MORAL support. Through the special FINE MORAL SUPPORT GROUPS (FMSG) eGroup which is open to the public, FINE will keep the FINE MORAL SUPPORT GROUPS informed of the situation of nations and peoples throughout the world. FMSG will also, in the future, develop activities in support of God-Given Rights and the aims of FINE Members.


Free Independent Nations of Earth
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