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Telephone Tree
"Roll Away the Stone"
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The Good Samaritan Telephone Tree

Subscribe today. We care about your case. If you are ever arrested and held in custody, get word to us. Whoever contacts us must give us your valid name and email address that you've used to become a Good Samaritan subscriber. Let us know who is detaining you that you would like us to call, and we will make at least 100 phone calls to the detainer inquiring about your case. We will question them about your condition, what you are in for, what are the charges, why were you arrested, when will they be letting you out, who arrested you, and other questions designed to learn of your situation and what can be done to spring your release.

When your detainer recieves over 100 phone calls from individuals who are interested in your case, they will know that people are watching and that your case may in fact get publicity. The more people that subscribe to The Good Samaritan Telephone Tree, the more phone calls they will receive. The number of phone calls they may receive could be astronomical as our numbers grow! If their phone lines become jammed, they may decide to release you just to get the phone lines cleared. Our object is not to jam the phone lines, even though that may at times occur, we are sincerely concerned about the whereabouts of all Good Samaritans, and it is our Right to inquire of the whereabouts of each one of our brothers and sisters in Christ when they may be unjustly prosecuted. Our object is to learn as much about each case as possible and work with those who are detaining each Samaritan to eventually secure their release. As a subscriber, you agree to:

1. Keep a valid email address and subscribe to our email list at the website we will supply you with,

2. Call about each case that is presented to you at least 10 times,

3. Keep them on the phone as long as possible to learn as much about the case as you possibly can,

4. Maintain a case file on each detainee that you can share with other subscribers,

5. And be polite and non-threatening when calling.

6. You also agree that we may in the future change the terms and conditions of this agreement so that we can improve the program and make it absolutely the best Phone Tree on the planet!

By subscribing you agree to be a Good Samaritan Phone Caller working to spring the release of other Good Samaritans. You must be subscribed to this service before our network of Good Samaritans can take action on your case. We must receive your subscription prior to your being detained. At present we are available to help you in all 50 Republics of North America, often confused with states. Subscribe Today!

Roll Away the Stone!

Promotion and Sponsors

I wish to join the Good Samaritan's Telephone Tree! By registering I will receive a Sponsorship number so that I may earn while I recruit more Sponsors. For a donation of only $20 one may become a Sponsor and recruit other Sponsors earning half of the donation, $10, for every recruit.

As a Sponsor, you can use your sponsor number for your own unique URL website address just like your Sponsor's.
This is not an order form. To place your $20 order for a Sponsorship, Go Here. Enter "Good Samaritan Sponsor" as the item ordered. As a Sponsor, every time you recruit another Sponsor, you will earn $10. If you have an X.com account, we will be able to send you your earnings to your X.com account. Otherwise, you will receive your earnings in the mail.

To become a Sponsor, supply the following information:


Sponsor's Number can be found after the question mark in the URL at the top of this webpage where the X is shown here:
If you have a website, once you are a Sponsor you can simply put a link to the above website with your Sponsor number in place of the 'xxx' location.

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Email us at: anti-fed@no-debts.com
Republic of Georgia
22 W. Bryan St., # 353
Savannah, (31401) Georgia

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