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To promote the ratification of Constitution 2000 for The Republic of Georgia, I wish to register my ratification with my name, address, phone number and email address so that I may network with other Republic of Georgia citizens and stay apprised of the latest ratification developments. By registering I will receive a Sponsorship number so that I may earn while I recruit more Sponsors. For a donation of only $20 one may become a Sponsor and recruit other Sponsors earning half of the donation, $10, for every recruit.

Georgia Constitution 2000 APManager
As a Sponsor, you can use your sponsor number for your own unique URL website address just like your Sponsor's.
This is not an order form. To place your $20 order for a Sponsorship, Go Here. Enter "Georgia Constitution 2000 Sponsor" as the item ordered. As a Sponsor, every time you recruit another Sponsor, you will earn $10. If you have an account, we will be able to send you your earnings to your account. Otherwise, you will receive your earnings in the mail.

To become a Sponsor, supply the following information:


Sponsor's Number can be found after the question mark in the URL at the top of this webpage where the X is shown here:
If you have a website, once you are a Sponsor you can simply put a link to the above website with your Sponsor number in place of the 'xxx' location.

Sponsor's Number

Sponsor's Name

Sponsor's E-mail address (optional but recommended)

Sponsor's Home phone number

Sponsor's Complete Mailing Address

Sponsor's Username E-mail address(optional)

Sponsor's Comments (optional)


Recruit's Name

Recruit's E-mail address (optional but recommended)

Recruit's Home phone number

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Recruit's Comments (optional)

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Email us at:
Republic of Georgia
22 W. Bryan St., # 353
Savannah, (31401) Georgia

Promote Freedom
Promote Constitution 2000 for Georgia

Constitution 2000 for The Republic of Georgia
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